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hellos and smiles
Time is flying... My boys are 3.5 and 1 year!!! I can't believe that!
My family is good! extended family is wild - sometimes I want to separate and take a step back! I always seem to say the wrong thing to the wrong people! Then the crap hits the fan!!!
I'm ready for some good stuff to happen!
Just want happy!!!

2 years old

I can't believe my baby boy is 2 years old.
He is no longer a baby but a toddler.
Everyday is a new adventure!!!
I so look forward to the next year and all the fun we will have!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season!!!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


So in the last 2 months I have finished 5 books - and I can't seem to get enough of reading. Unfortunately I pick 1:30 in the morning to be my time to read. No one else is up (thank goodness Xander is starting to sleep through the night. ) I'm not disturbed by the computer or tv or dogs... I want to get back to writing also but the computer is tooo distracting. I know that is crazy but I have my sisters story draft in front of me and I just have one page left to read and send her my thought and still it sits.
Of course my own story that i haven't touched in a long time :)
I Have too much time on my hands so I never get anything done.
I know that sounds silly also but it is true...I'm trying to organize my time better and get more things done.
I also have to find a way to get more energy... I haven't had energy to just do stuff in a while.
Anyways - sitting here typing isn't getting anything done...
So I will be back to write later.....

In motion

I am not sure how to get things in motion.
We want to leave Jacksonville and though my DH says that is what he wants, he is dragging his feet.
I know we have to finish fixing up the house before we can sell it and the market is still down, but my sister
needs me and I'm to far away!
I'm going to try to start designing the backsplash for our kitchen this week.
We are going to use white 3x6 subway glossy tiles and either a blue or silver accent.
We also need to decide if we want to repaint the kitchen.
so that the white doesn't clash with the cream walls.
Also we have to get to Orlando to take my baby sis her furniture and get a new bathroom vanity from
iKea. They we can finish up the work on the Master bath - not all that I would do if we were staying but it will be nicer. I finally have some friends I hang out with occasionally but I need to be closer to my sister.
And even though I have friends it is only that we have kids that we talk as much as we do.
I don't feel comfortable enough calling her up to chat about just anything.
I am happy that we are close to my baby sis and I don't want to leave her either but I don't think she will
stay in Orlando when she graduates and if she gets her wish she wants to intern for Apple in Cali...
Anyways - this isn't the post I was working on in my head when I sat down.. .guess I will have to post again soon!!!

Aug. 19th, 2008

He is growing up so fast...
Xander is in the Red shirt :)

So cute!!!

We had such a great weekend.
Friday we went to the library, hung out with Theresa, Adeline, Steven & Stephanie.
We did art time there and then went to lunch.
Then the kids played in the fountain at the Landing.
They had a blast... It is nice to be able to hang around other people and kids...
To get out of the house.
It gets so crazy staying at home all the time.
I hope to get some more photo work.
And I need to work on my website...
Though time is just flying by....

ALmost a year

Wow it has almost been a year - Xander will be one on July 30th.
I can't believe it - the time is just flying.
I'm trying to plan 2 parties - one here in jax and the other in pcb.
It isn't the easiest thing to do.
I hope it is good - Xander has grown and changed so much.
He is walking and and wanting to run. He says some words.
Car, dog, book and yum, yum :)

We went to Oregon for 2 weeks and Xander loved playing with his cousins.
It was beautiful and nice there.
I loved the weather and the scenery.
I wish I could have stayed longer.
Seattle was beautiful and just wonderful...
We had the best coffee ever from a place called Vivace.
It was just delicious!
My sister got her nose pierced.
It was a good trip!

Time Flies

Wow time flies. My son is almost 6 months. He is to adorable. Starting to sit up, very wobbly. He rolls from his back to tummy and giggles all the time.
It is hard to believe how fat the time is going, I stare at him and spend so much time with him it seems I don't get anything done.
I do laundry and I do dishes and make dinner most nights but the rest of my time is dedicated to Xander.
I go and visit my husband at his work many days just to get out of the house. I really have no close friends in Jacksonville and it is starting to eat away at me.
My son is so wonderful and amazing but I wish I had a friend.
Someone to talk to besides just about Xander.
I miss my friends in Panama City but I don't ever want to live there again, if we had $ and everything it would be different. I would like to move closer to my sister, and I wouldn't mind moving to Utah for a couple of years, I don't know if I would want it permanently (I don't know if I could live anywhere permanently. I've moved so much in my life that it is kind of a habit for me. I need to move every now and then.
I am just rambling.
So much has happened since I last posted.
I have been married over a year. Noles had a bad season :( but the Jags are doing great :-D
Chris's sister is doing ok. She had surgery the tuesday after thanksgiving to take care of the crushed discs and to fuse them together. It set her back and has weakened her greatly. But hopefully as this heals it takes pressure off the spinal cord. The doctor says since the original dr didn't do the surgery when the accident happened there is more damage to the spinal cord, and no telling if it will heal.
We all hope for the best or any improvement.

Well I've got tons of laundry to do - the washer was broke for 2 days (little sock stuck in the drainage hose - the books don't tell you to wash little socks in a garment bag but you need to!!)

I am trying to get a hold of my husband also - My son was sucking on my knuckle and drooling all over and I felt a tooth - his first tooth!!!
Smiles and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!
Hellos and smiles
I hope everyone has had a merry Christmas or holiday.
We have had one crazy year and I hope to get on to type about it soon...
Just wanted to say Hi... :)


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