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In motion

I am not sure how to get things in motion.
We want to leave Jacksonville and though my DH says that is what he wants, he is dragging his feet.
I know we have to finish fixing up the house before we can sell it and the market is still down, but my sister
needs me and I'm to far away!
I'm going to try to start designing the backsplash for our kitchen this week.
We are going to use white 3x6 subway glossy tiles and either a blue or silver accent.
We also need to decide if we want to repaint the kitchen.
so that the white doesn't clash with the cream walls.
Also we have to get to Orlando to take my baby sis her furniture and get a new bathroom vanity from
iKea. They we can finish up the work on the Master bath - not all that I would do if we were staying but it will be nicer. I finally have some friends I hang out with occasionally but I need to be closer to my sister.
And even though I have friends it is only that we have kids that we talk as much as we do.
I don't feel comfortable enough calling her up to chat about just anything.
I am happy that we are close to my baby sis and I don't want to leave her either but I don't think she will
stay in Orlando when she graduates and if she gets her wish she wants to intern for Apple in Cali...
Anyways - this isn't the post I was working on in my head when I sat down.. .guess I will have to post again soon!!!


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