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4 weeks

Xander is 4 weeks old in one hour.
He is growing so fast and is still as adorable as ever.
I have a hard time putting him down.
He is the bright spot in our days right now.
Chris's sister Melinda was in a motorcyle accident yesterday
and is now in critical condition. Her back is broken and they are saying
that she will not work again. We are waiting on more news before
we head that direction. I can't sit at the hospital with Xander.
And she isn't at the hospital in panama city.
So it isn't easy for me to just hang out.
This is so hard to sit here with nothing to do - we both feel sooo helpless.
I want to be there for her kids - they haven't been told about her not walking yet.
I hope that when the swelling goes down that there is hope...
It is just a waiting game at the moment.
74 days left to go if he holds out till his due date!
He is getting bigger :)
I think my stomache is sitting in my throat now - and his kicking is starting to hurt occasionally though I love it when he kicks. He pushes back when i push him down. Chris sanded the bedroom and hopefully will get to prime the walls on thursday. Jenny and I are working our butts off
all week. I look forward to sleeping in on Sunday - he doesn't let me get enough sleep - it is either i am just uncomfortable or have to use the restroom all night.
Of course after working the last few grads - I don't want my baby to grow up... I don't want a teenager. They are soooo rude!
A girl I use to work with at my other job acted like she didn't know who I was when I told her congrats the other day and trying to get any of the teens to listen is just not easy - some of them just talk back and act snotty!!!
It is soo sad.

I am enjoying working grads otherwise - I don't want to go back to my regular job - it feels like they don't want me back anyways.
First I get demoted (she can't afford to pay me to be a manager and website but she hires a professional to design the site - which still isn't up.)
I can't get more than 20 hours a week now and they are disecting my computer set up.
My poor Imac is now setting on the floor and a dell computer in its place. Not sure why - when the Imac can run windows - she didn't have to buy a new computer since she hired someone that doesn't work on mac.
They have taken down all my photos that I had as a demo in the bathroom gallery and put up a girl who crops out of the store- and her business cards ... They didn't even say anything to me about it - just shoved my pics back the the back and I happened to stumble over. :(
Anyways - I need to figure out how to survive without working out of the house :(
anyways - back to watching Dancing With The Stars - GO Apollo :)
pregnancy week by week

I've posted this ticker on my info page also...
I thought it was sweet. :)
I had my sonogram on the 6th - it was supose to be the 16th but they had it wrong.
anyways ....
with out further adu....

I have to say he has a wonderful adorable profile.
We are considering the name Xander.
I feel him move all the time - it is wonderful and uncomfortable at the same time.
I am halfway there - and I can't wait...



Well my mouth is killing me - I had a partial deep cleaning and a cavity filled...
Then I was starving... Having seen the sonic commercial last night for the new
banana pudding shake - I had to have it.
So Off chris and I went to sonic, with chris driving and me belted in the passenger seat.
I wasn't reallly paying attention when i realized I felt something....
Now for the past week I lie awake at night focusing on my belly - waiting wanting a movement... but nothing...
So today sitting in the Sonic drive-through I feel the baby kick for the first time.
Maybe she/he was as excited as me to get a banana pudding shake or maybe the baby was loopy because i had my teeth cleaned and was doing somersaults... who knows...
but I do know it is awesome and i keep feeling little bumps kicks and elbows ( i guess that is what it is :-D ) I like it -my sister says i will tire of the movement but i don't care...
It is just nice to finally be able to feel what is in me :)

of course i'm a mac... ;-D

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Happy birthday

Happy Birthday Occam !!!!

sick and it isn't fun....

so I hate being sick or nausious...
it is no fun. I don't like any of the regular things I eat.
I can't make christmas cookies this year and we haven't even decorated the tree yet...
poor little tree feeling sooo neglected.
anyways hopefully only 4 more weeks of this - if it goes on more than that i don't know what I will do.
It cuts in to my working which is a bad thing for the holidays... :(
anyways - for those who haven't guessed... I'm pregnant...
Yes I'm completely excited and happy etc but soo tired of being sick.
I have been for the last 3 weeks :(
back to work or trying to...


It has been forever since I sat and a computer and done something for myself besides check email.
It doesn't feel like the holidays... we haven't put up a tree, I never feel well enough to even clean my house and we have friends coming for the new year.
I feel horrible all the time - sick sick sick... it is just nooo fun.
An for christmas we are going to Panama City but my parents will be at my sisters house so we are only spending the holiday with chris's family which is ok but the first time I haven't spend the holiday with my family.
We have to stay at my parents house though because Chris's sister and her family is moving in to Chris's mom's house and bringing their zoo with them ( two cats, 4 birds, 3 fish tanks and a lizard or two.) I'm allergic to cats so now we can't visit with
his family much...
argh... gotta love this time of year!!!
I'm trying to get things in order so I can get on more...
lets hope... :)


It is crazy - I am getting married this saturday...
less than a week and yes I am stressed :)
I think I am packed for the honeymoon -well mostly...
still have to do the basics - socks and shoes etc...
Before the wedding I still need to make a program and a pen for the guest book etc...
I am just ready to have this done with :)
anyways - off to work for me :)


wow what a day when i actually take a quiz... but seriously I'm being a slacker there is plenty to work on here :) though I just updated the work website :) i guess back to work :)

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